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          Thailand provides many cultural shows for     and features performances like Chinese
          visitors wanting to experience the vibrant    ballads, Japanese geisha dancing and
          culture of the country. The Rose Garden in    traditional Thai dances from four regions.
          Bangkok has 14 different shows with over 150   Approximately 150km south from Bangkok is
          performers in beautiful, traditional costumes.   Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, renowned globally as
          People and animals are brought to life on stage   the fourth best show in Thailand. Their acts
          to enhance the realism of the act. Another well   are extravagant and incorporate aspects of vari-
          known production in Bangkok is the Siam       ous different cultures from around the world.
          Niramit show, set on the highest stage in the   Further down south in Phuket is where you can
          city, equipped to accommodate 2,000 people.   catch a stunning performance at the famous
          This show consists of three acts that highlight   Phuket Simon Cabaret.
          the histories of the different regions of Thai-
          land, the beliefs that Thais hold strongly, and   While in Phuket, you can also take a trip to
          the festivals that residents celebrate        Phuket FantaSea, a cultural theme park with
          dearly; all of which make for a well-rounded   a state-of-the-art theatre that displays an
          cultural experience. When in Bangkok,         award-winning cultural production. However,
          don’t forget to also check out puppet shows   if you travel up north to Chiang Mai, definitely
          and performances of classical stories at      book a ticket to the original Khantoke Dinner
          Aksra Theatre.                                Show at Old Chiangmai Cultural Center to
                                                        learn more about the exquisite Lanna culture
          For an exotic Thai experience, you can enjoy a   of Northern Thailand.
          cabaret show. In Bangkok, the Calypso Cabaret
          at ASIATIQUE The Riverfront is one of the best,

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