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GranMonte Vineyard and Winery
          Monsoon Valley
                                                       Winning hundreds of awards over the last
          Tucked between the verdant hills of Hua Hin,   decade, this vineyard is perhaps the most
          this vineyard has the largest network of inter-  famous of Thailand’s offerings. Run by the
          national distributors. They produce Sangiovese,   country’s only female winemaker, it is about
          Colombard and Shiraz, among other varieties,   160 kilometres from Bangkok and covers over
          many of which have received accolades and    40 acres of land. They grow a variety of grape
          awards at international wine tastings.       species that are eaten fresh and made into
                                                       wines, such as Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon
          PB Valley Khao Yai Winery                    for reds, and Chenin Blanc for whites.

          Set on the edge of Khao Yai National Park,    Pak Chong Grape Farm
          less than two hours from Bangkok, this premier
          1000-acre vineyard is the birthplace of the   Another famed vineyard in the Nakhon
          Khao Yai wine region. Founded in 1989 by one   Ratchasima province is Pak Chong Grape Farm.
          of the country’s first winemakers, PB Valley   It is a farm of foreign seedless grapes with a
          Khao Yai Winery produces many types of wine    winery of inexpensive and premium quality
          including Chenin Blanc, Tempranillo and Shiraz.  Khao Yai wines, spread over 790 acres of land.

          Silverlake Vineyard                          Supattra Vineyard

          A few kilometres southeast of Pattaya,       Supattra Vineyard is a two-hour drive from
          Silverlake boasts beautiful natural surroundings   Bangkok in Pak Chong district of the Nakhon
          with a stunning lake as a backdrop to exploring   Ratchasima province. Set among an impressive
          the vineyards. They offer both wine and table   landscape of mountain ranges, this 20 acre
          grape varieties, and their wines range from reds   vineyard features a division between growing
          to rosés and crisp whites.                   plots for seedless grapes and fresh table
                                                       grapes, as well as other processed products.
          Muak Lek District Vineyards                  These items include grape pie, grape ice cream
                                                       and grape juice. The rotation of five grape vari-
                                                       eties are grown all year round.
          Located about one and a half hours’ drive
          northeast from Bangkok in the Saraburi
          province, this vineyard is open all year round,   Chateau de Loei
          and visitors can sample fresh grapes or other
          grape products, such as wine, seedless grapes,   Near Chiang Mai is another well known
          grape juice, grape candy, grape jam and more.  pioneer of the Thai wine industry. Located in
                                                       the province of Loei, which has a climate quite
                                                       similar to the south of France, Chateau de Loei
                                                       offers tours, tastings and short stays.

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