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          Thailand is renowned worldwide for its excep-  on the menu. They can also teach vegetarian
          tional cuisine comprising of an amalgamation   recipes. A third cooking school is Blue Elephant
          of sweet, sour and spicy flavours. During your   Cooking School, situated at one of the best
          time here, definitely try learning some delicious   Thai restaurants in the city, Blue Elephant.
          dishes so you can enjoy them back home.
                                                       If you are in Chiang Mai, try out Sammy’s
          For cooking schools in the capital city, there    Organic Thai Cooking School, held on a
          are several options. Check out The Oriental   beautiful organic farm in the countryside just
          Thai Cooking School, located at the famous    outside the city. Here, you will get to buy the
          Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, for four hours of   ingredients yourself at a local market, and use
          cooking fun. Course menus change seasonally,   them to cook the recipes you opt for. In Phuket,
          so you could revisit this school every once in    visit Phuket Thai Cooking Academy to prepare
          a while. Another one worth going to is the   a four-course meal, starting with an appetiser
          Baipai Thai Cooking School, which offers an   and ending on a sweet note. Vegetarians are
          intimate setting and relaxed environment.    also welcome here as they happily make
          Opt for a course with your entire team and   adjustments based on dietary restrictions.
          personally select from the Thai dishes available

                                                                        “Thailand is renowned
                                                                           worldwide for its
                                                                          exceptional cuisine
                                                                           comprising of an
                                                                       amalgamation of sweet,
                                                                       sour and spicy flavours.”

                                                                                      Cooking School

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