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Muay Thai fight

                                                       National Stadium, the home stadium for
          Other regions of Thailand host fights as well.   Thailand’s national football team, is the
          Down in Phuket, visit the Bangla Boxing      country’s biggest field with a capacity of
          Stadium or the Patong Boxing Stadium.        50,000 seats infused by a lively atmosphere.
          In Chiang Mai, head to the Thapae Boxing     You can also head to Supachalasai National Sta-
          Stadium or the Kawila Boxing Stadium. For    dium, the most easily accessible one in the city.
          those in Pattaya, check out Max Muay Thai    Three other places you can visit are SCG
          Stadium or Pattaya Boxing World.             Stadium, the only stadium similar to ones in
                                                       England; Thai-Japanese Stadium, the play-
          Other than Thai boxing, visitors can also enjoy   ground of Bangkok United F.C.; and the Thai
          live football matches in Bangkok. Rajamangala   Army Sports Stadium, which is Army United
                                                       F.C.’s home stadium.

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