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Muay thai

          and sPorts

             “other than Thai boxing,
              visitors can also enjoy
               live football matches
                   in Bangkok.”

                                                        best fights. Although it used to be kept a
          While in Thailand, you must experence the     secret, the Channel 7 Boxing Stadium is now
          famous combat sport of Muay Thai, which       renowned and packed with both locals and
          literally translates to Thai boxing. To enjoy some   tourists, owing to its preferable location and
          action in Bangkok, head over to one of the five   lively atmosphere. For those who have just a
          most well known stadiums. These include       passing interest in the sport, MX Muay Xtreme
          The Rajadamnern Stadium, which is the first   at GMM Grammy Studio is the place to go;
          Muay Thai stadium built in Thailand, making it   it is also the preferred spot for the younger
          a historical landmark. Another one, Lumpinee   generation. To experience an exciting theatrical
          Boxing Stadium, used to be the number one     show, check out Muay Thai Live at ASIATIQUE
          arena in the world, and still hosts some of the   The Riverfront.

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