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                                                       Further cementing its place as one of the top
          With more than 250 golf courses set in a     golfing spots in the world is the fact that
          moderate tropical climate, Thailand has become   Thailand has been the host of several inter-
          a top place in the ASEAN region to visit and   national tournaments. Another element that
          play the sport. Thousands flock to the country   makes golfing in Thailand so memorable are
          every year for the large variation in course lo-  the caddies, who are mainly female and
          cations and value for money. It doesn’t matter   provide exceptional value-added service.
          where you choose to hold your event,         From the moment you arrive, they provide
          as most of the larger cities have courses that   helpful tips on what clubs to use, distances
          are perfectly suited to all preferences.     around the green putting area, and
                                                       refreshments during the game itself.
          There are golf courses near Phuket beaches,
          some in the mountainous regions of Northern   Central Thailand
          Thailand, not to mention those in the bustling
          cities of Bangkok and Pattaya. All of them    Alpine Golf Club is a lush 18-hole golf course
          offer efficient door to door transfers possible   that resembles a botanical garden, located
          within just a few hours’ travel time, as well as    20 minutes north of Don Muang International
          excellent infrastructure that includes world-  Airport. This club has a reputation for being
          class modern facilities.                     one of the most technically difficult courses
                                                       due to its uneven terrain, but it is also one of
          Another highlight is the wonderful weather and   the most visually stunning in the country.
          lush landscapes with challenging and interesting   There is also Thai Country Club, just 50km
          terrain. The cool season is from November to   north of Bangkok, which offers unexpected
          February, which is the best time to enjoy golf in   pin placements, with plenty of water and sand
          Thailand due to the light breezes and constant   hazards for those seeking a challenge. Finally,
          sunshine. Even the hotter months, from March   Thana City Country Club has been recently
          to June, offer tolerable golfing conditions.   renovated this year to offer a range of athletic
                                                       and lifestyle facilities, and is only 25 minutes
                                                       from Bangkok’s city centre by car.

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