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Erawan Museum

                                                                    “In a country with such
                                                                  a rich history and culture,
                                                                    there are bound to be
                                                                     numerous museums
                                                                    showcasing Thailand’s
          MuseuMs                                                     past and present.”

          In a country with such a rich history and culture,   constructed during World War II, which re-
          there are bound to be numerous museums        sulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands
          showcasing Thailand’s past and present.       of prisoners and labourers. To learn more about
          One of them is the famous Jim Thompson        the labourers during the construction of this
          House in Bangkok, which appeals to those      railway, do visit the JEATH War Museum and
          interested in Thai architecture, the famous    Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum. At both these
          Jim Thompson silk, or the mysterious disap-   exhibits, you will experience a haunting,
          pearance of the American founder himself.     yet moving journey.
          Another museum in the capital city is Bangkok
          National Museum, which spans many buildings   As you travel further south to the lively island of
          displaying prominent artifacts on art, furniture,   Phuket, you will find an interactive museum that
          royal barges and more.                        encourages some fun photography. The Phuket
                                                        Trickeye Museum is full of art that is 2D but
          In addition, museums lining the west coast of   looks 3D, making for an entertaining afternoon
          Thailand are definitely worth checking out.   of trying to figure out how it’s possible, while
          Starting up north in Chiang Mai, the Chiang   taking pictures to show others that it is.
          Mai National Museum displays artifacts from
          the Lanna Kingdom and teaches visitors about   For a more star-studded experience, head
          the educational and economic developments of   to Madame Tussaud´s in Bangkok or Louis
          the city.                                     Tussaud´s Waxworks in Pattaya to capture a
                                                        few snaps with wax statues of famous actors,
          Moving down to mid-west of Thailand is        athletes and political and historical figures.
          Kanchanaburi, where you can find three        While in Pattaya, also check out the Ripley’s
          well known museums. The Thailand-Burma        Believe It or Not! Odditorium which exhibits
          Railway Centre details the history of the Thai-  more than 300 unique collections of strange,
          Burma Railway, also called the Death Railway,   shocking and beautiful things.

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