1. Hotels (Minimum Fee THB.2,500)
A. Hotels with meeting facilities of over 600 capacity (Theatre Style) THB.60 (Fee per guest room)
B.Hotels with meeting facilities of less than 600 capacity (Theatre Style) THB.36 (Fee per guest room)
C.Hotels without meeting facilities THB.12 (Fee per guest room)
D.Up-Country Hotels with meeting facilities of over 600 capacity (Theatre Style) THB.30 (Fee per guest room)
E.Up-Country Hotels with meeting facilities of less than 600 capacity (Theatre Style) THB.18 (Fee per guest room)
2. Destination Management Company (DMC)
A. Bangkok DMC THB.12,000
B. Up-Country DMC (Operate multiple Destination) THB. 12,000
Up-Country DMC (Operate single Destination) THB. 6,000
C.Surface Transport Operators THB. 6,000
3.Professional Organisers/Contractors
A.Professional Convention Organiser (PCO) THB. 12,000
B. Professional Exhibition Organiser (PEO) THB. 12,000
C. Event Management Company (EMC) THB. 12,000
D. Stand Contractor THB. 12,000
E. Freight Handling Agent THB. 12,000
F. Advertising Agencies/PR Companies/Media Representative/Publications THB. 6,000
4. Venues
A. Bangkok and Surrounding Convention Center THB.25,000
B. Bangkok and Surrounding Exhibition Center THB.25,000
C. Up-Country Convention Center THB.12,500
D. Up-Country Exhibition Center THB.12,500
E. Local Attraction and Entertainment Establishment THB.12,000
5. Equipment and Food & Beverage Suppliers
Equipment and Food & Beverage Suppliers THB.12,000
6. Shops & Restaurants
A. Department Store, Shopping Arcade THB.15,000
B. Handicraft / Souvenir Shops THB. 6,000
C. Tourist Restaurant THB. 6,000
7. Premium & Promotion Items
Premium & Promotion Items THB. 6,000
8. Monetary Agencies (Bank/Credit Card)
Monetary Agencies (Bank/Credit Card) THB.25,000
9. Cruise Lines
Domestics THB. 6,000
International THB. 20,000
10. Educational Institution
Educational Institution THB. 6,000
11. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Subsidisation
12. Associate Airlines
Domestics Cash : THB. 7,500 Barter : THB. 50,000
International Cash : THB. 15,000 Barter : THB.100,000
13. Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)
Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) Subsidisation
14. Associate Airlines
Thai Airways International Ticket Barter
Bangkok Airways Ticket Barter
15. Associate Membership (Others)
Associate Membership (Others) THB. 6,000
Remark: Joining Fee (Only for new member) THB. 1,500