When people think about Thailand, they immediately identify it with the wonderful hospitality and service the kingdom has to offer. Thailand’s vibrant tourism and hospitality sector has played an increasingly important role in the economy in recent years, boosting many related businesses and helping compensate for slow growth in other sectors. This year international arrivals in the country exceeded the expectation, directly leading to a growth in the GDP. In addition to direct income from tourist spending, the sector contributes to the economy via job creation and investment. One of the major tourism-related sectors is the hotel and restaurant industry.

The quality of service at hotels and resorts, with basic amenities to high-end options is consistent and well received. Since many things in Thailand are still much more affordably priced than things in other developed countries, this has left tourists with much better access to the high-end experiences the hospitality industry has to offer. Hence, it appears that people are able to have much more exposure to good quality service.

The dining and restaurant scene in Thailand has a lot to offer the visitors. With food type ranging from street food to high-end Michelin-starred restaurants and world famous dining, all types of authentic traditional and modern cuisines are readily available.

At an overall level, people that travel to Thailand use the words “friendly” and “helpful” to describe the people they encounter. So, Thailand is capable of meeting the demands of the international travelers. This presents good grounds for continued growth in the hospitality industry both in the present and in the future, as the overall positive reputation of the country is expected to continue to attract the interest of both businesses and travelers alike.