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                                                       There are various factors that have cemented
                                                       Thailand as a true gateway to ASEAN, including
                                                       location, domestic market, networking, political
                                                       and social stability, and of course, potential for
                                                       growth. This recognition as a nation that can
                                                       access the largest economic sector in the
                                                       world, with a market population of over
                                                       622 million people, has attracted an abundance
                                                       of foreign investors in key industries.
                                                       These include machinery, electrical, automotive,
                                                       biotechnology, renewable energy and agro-
                                                       industry, which can be viewed as the partial
                                                       stepping stones of transforming Thailand into
                                                       a nation that fulfils the ‘Thailand 4.0’ vision of
                                                       innovation and sustainability.

                                                       A key factor of Thailand’s success is attributed
                                                       to location, as the nation presents itself as
                                                       the ideal geographical ‘gateway’ to Asia, while
                                                       benefitting from preferential market entry into
                                                       powerful nations, such as China, India and
                                                       Singapore, as well as for developing economies
                                                       of the Greater Mekong sub-region. Additionally,
                                                       Thailand is also in possession of many advanta-
                                                       geous land routes, including the only one that
                                                       connects to Malaysia and Singapore, and a
                                                       Friendship Bridge between Thailand and Laos
                                                       that also links with the Asian Highway Network.

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