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Moreover, the country has enjoyed political and
          Another attraction for international business   social stability over the years, which has led to a
          opportunities lies with the fact that Thailand   flourishing economy. Thai people have a global
          has low labour costs in addition to a well-  reputation for their friendliness and hospitality
          educated workforce. Each year, an increasing   that is characterised by an ‘anything is possible
          number of the local population graduate with   or achievable mindset. This outlook on
          degrees in areas such as engineering, medicine,   business and life is what ensures that all types
          general sciences and computer technology,    of travellers from event organisers to leisure
          from a diverse range of public and private uni-  tourists can achieve their objectives, while
          versities across the country and abroad. This   feeling at home, when they choose to visit the
          emphasis on education has transformed Thai-  Land of Smiles.
          land’s population, improving general literacy
          rates, as well as computer literacy. All of these
          elements assist in making Thailand one of the
          easiest countries in the world to do business.

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