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                                                       The country’s governing bodies, headed by
          As an established hub for MICE in Asia, it is   TCEB, have led to projects in development
          evident that Thailand has become a top choice   that aim to raise the standards and value of
          for international organisers looking for the    the MICE industry; support the economy by
          perfect destination to host their MICE events.   connecting the government with the private
          As a result, the country’s international MICE   sector in order to increase employment and
          sphere generates a sub-                                    profits; as well as educate the
          stantial amount of income                                  public on the positive
          for the flourishing sector.                                attributes of creative business
          This exposure and business    “It is predicted that        events and the importance of
          have also dispersed events    in 2018, there will be       a sustainable MICE industry
          outside of the capital city   more domestic and            throughout Thailand. Last year,
          of Bangkok, allowing for      international visitors       the country saw approximately
          other regions to grow in                                   35.3 million domestic MICE
          areas of sustainability and        than ever.”             travellers who contributed
          economic development.                                      B91.1 billion in revenue.
          In 2017, the Thailand
          Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)      It is predicted that in 2018, there will be more
          estimated that Thailand welcomed close to    domestic and international visitors than ever.
          1.1 million international MICE visitors, generat-  In combination with an increase in internation-
          ing approximately B88.5 billion in revenue.   ally-recognised events, it is expected that
                                                       Thailand’s MICE industry will generate over
          Moreover, supporting Thailand’s presence on   B174 billion by year end.
          the global scale is the domestic MICE market,
          which has also made substantial contributions.

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