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“Thailand is
                                                                      rewarding, unique and

          The busy coastal city of Pattaya is easily    Fortifying these spectacular destinations is an
          accessible by car, and just a little further down,   experienced and consistently improving service
          you will find the quieter beachside resort    industry, which shines bright in the ASEAN
          town of Hua Hin. Down south are the world-    region. Thailand’s hospitality is well-known for
          renowned island paradises of Phuket and Koh   its generosity and commitment to going above
          Samui, with their pristine beaches and idyllic   and beyond. This gives organisers and planners
          ocean vistas. Other popular destinations      a multitude of choices when it comes to
          include the historic northern city of Chiang Mai   deciding on which hotels and venues to host
          with its more moderate temperatures and       their events.
          panoramic mountainous views.

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