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“There are various factors
                                                                 that have cemented Thailand
                                                                 as a true gateway to ASEAN,
                                                                 including location, domestic
                                                               market, networking, political and
                                                                 social stability, and of course,
                                                                    potential for growth.”

          Additionally, the country is served by various   In addition to location, Thailand boasts a
          airports connecting travellers to other destina-  thriving domestic consumer market that is
          tions within the country and beyond.          characterised by rapid growth, sizeable exports,
                                                        natural resources, and a labour force that is
          Many benefit from the immigration policies as   skilled in various industries. These factors alone
          a number of countries are available for visas on   attract plenty of foreign investments in key
          arrival or visa exemption when travelling on a   industries such as machinery, electrical,
          short-term basis. This network, in combination   automotive, biotechnology, renewable energy
          with substantial deep sea ports allows for easy   and agro-industry. The country is also a
          access to Asia’s consumer market, which is    supporter of both free and fair trade, which
          recognised for having the fastest spending    appeals to international companies looking for
          growth in the world.                          a production base.

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