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          Despite the country’s uncertain political     Currently, the government is focused on
          situation in the past few years, Thailand’s    making sure the 20-year Thailand 4.0 policy
          infrastructure continues to grow by leaps     becomes a reality. Thailand 4.0 is an economic
          and bounds. Its integrated and modernised     model that aims to put the country into the
          transport facilities, upgraded communications   high-income range by improving public services
          network and seamless infrastructure system    under 10 targeted industries. Expanding the
          have allowed Thailand to become a leader in   MICE sector is one of the key priorities under
          the international MICE industry.              the tourism industry.

          Many successful and prestigious domestic,     It is expected that the increased tourism and
          regional and global events have been held here.   business activity, as a result of Thailand 4.0, will
          International conferences organised by the    spur the economy, and ultimately the nation,
          world’s leading associations in events and travel   to greater heights in the years to come.
          incentive industries, namely UFI and SITE,
          are set to take place in 2019, further cementing
          Thailand’s position as a top MICE destination.

                                                                           Welcoming a record
                                                                           number of 35 million
                                                                         visitors in 2017, Thailand
                                                                         has become one of the
                                                                          world’s most bustling
                                                                              business hubs.
    Suvarnabhumi Airport
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