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World-Class Healthcare

                                                       One of the fastest growing sectors is medical
          Healthcare                                   tourism, with more than half the visitors in
                                                       Thailand arriving for medical purposes in 2018.
          Thanks to a host of factors including        Most of these international patients come
          internationally-certified doctors and medical   from the UAE, Europe and United States for
          staff as well as modern facilities and equipment,   cancer treatments, hip replacements, kidney
          Thailand has a globally recognised reputation   transplants, dentistry, heart surgeries, cosmetic
          for world-class healthcare.                  surgeries and sex change operations.

          The country’s top private hospitals are      It could be argued that one of the areas of
          esteemed for offering high-quality medical    improvement in Thailand’s healthcare system
          services accompanied by five-star hotel-style   is the response time for emergency services.
          facilities. Currently, the country has over 64    Due to traffic congestion issues, particularly in
          organisations, including hospitals, specialised   bigger cities like Bangkok, ambulance response
          clinics and medical centres, all of which are    times can be slower than desired.
          accredited by Joint Commission International
          (JCI). More than 50 percent of these hospitals   On the positive side, thanks to the implemen-
          can be found in Bangkok, followed by other   tation of Thailand 4.0., the country’s healthcare
          major tourist cities like Pattaya, Phuket and   system is set for some major changes, which
          Chiang Mai.                                  should improve the service for patients expo-
                                                       nentially. One area of focus is the innovation of
                                                       medical devices, which are expected to drive
                                                       the growth of the medical industry in the years
                                                       to come, and further cement Thailand’s position
                                                       as a medical hub of Asia.

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