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          Thailand has an impressive range of           the country’s wide array of dazzling theatrical
          entertainment options, which include fully    shows highlighting cultural customs and popu-
          costumed theatre shows with state-of-the-art   lar folklore. Performers dress in spectacular
          technology and stunning outdoor attractions.   traditional costumes and enthrall audiences
          Over the years, Thailand has built a powerful   with a colourful kaleidoscope of song, dance
          presence as a provider for world-class        and comical skits. Several theatres also show-
          entertainment.                                case traditional Thai puppet theatre, which
                                                        is considered one of the country’s oldest art
          So whether you want to enjoy sight seeing     forms. Each show combines puppetry with mu-
          before or after your meeting, there are an    sic and narration to tell a distinct story that is
          increasing range of activities that will appeal to   often derived from the country’s most beloved
          every type of traveller. Whichever venue you   epic, Ramakien.
          choose to visit, they will leave a lasting impres-
          sion and are becoming an integral part of every   Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is
          itinerary arranged for overseas groups.       another major attraction in Pattaya. Here a
                                                        tropical garden of ornamental flowers is set
          A popular and iconic show takes place at      over 500 acres of lush green hills and valleys.
          The Rose Garden in Bangkok, with its giant    Recognised as one of the top gardens in the
          stage listed as one of the largest in the world   world, it boasts numerous themed plots,
          by the Guinness World Records. In this        a cultural production with dance and music
          production, 150 performers dazzle audiences   from the various regions in Thailand, and an
          in fantastic costumes, playing roles as demons,   elephant show celebrating these important
          giants, flying angels, heroes and dancers.    creatures of Thai heritage.
          The sound and lighting are also phenomenal,
          and a supporting cast of animals bring key    A short distance away is Ripley’s Believe It
          aspects of Thailand’s cultural heritage to life.   or Not! which comprises of seven attractions,
          They also recently opened a branch in Phuket,   all in one place, including a haunted adventure,
          so MICE visitors can also catch the show before   infinity maze, moving theatre and Louis
          or after their events on the island.          Tussaud’s Waxworks, with more than 60
                                                        international celebrity models made from wax.
          Another classic cultural attraction is Sampran
          Riverside in Bangkok, a Thai-style village with    No matter what region you choose, Thailand
          a vast riverside setting, where visitors can learn   has all the ingredients for a world-class MICE
          all about traditional arts and crafts, take lessons   destination, with all its unique cultural offerings,
          in Thai cooking and listen to folk music. Set in   which adds that extra edge to any event you
          70 acres of landscaped gardens, it features   plan to host.
          ponds with bridges and colourful flowers.

          Other exciting cultural attractions include

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