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          a shoPPer’s


          A country where you can truly shop until     antiques, handicrafts and souvenirs in one area,
          you drop, Thailand is filled with a wide range    and clothing and accessories in another.
          of exciting and fascinating markets, as well   It is the perfect place to bag some bargains.
          as high-end shopping malls and department
          stores, perfect for exploring before or      Another highly-recognised and beautifully
          after a meeting.                             chaotic outdoor shopping bazaar is Khao San
                                                       Road, which is well known as a key destination
          Bangkok                                      for backpackers in the capital. It is a virtual 24/7
                                                       shopping street lined with trendy purses, cloth-
          One of the most famous markets in Bangkok is   ing and many other knick knacks. There are also
          Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is also      street food vendors, van-based bars and clubs
          one of the largest of its kind in the world.    that make this area more than just a simple
          This open-air bazaar is crowded with stalls   shopping destination.
          selling antiques, food, pets, furniture, and just
          about anything you can think of. It is advised   However, if you desire to take a step back in
          that you spend a day there and arrive early to    time, then make sure you visit Talad Rot Fai
          beat both the heat and crowds. At first glance,   in Bangkok. This vibrant market is devoted to
          it may appear chaotic, but the market is actually   retro goods and has a wonderful variety of
          separated into distinctive sections, including   items on sale, from second-hand motorbikes
                                                       to enamel platters.

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